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we had a stroke….

May 17, 2012


He has a headache today and that makes me feel a little more like 96….I guess I automatically feed it into my worry list…..even though his blood pressure and  pulse are alright…”…just  a little headache…” he says…he who  seldom complains about anything serious. Now if we are talking about the doneness of string beans that would be another story…but complain about how he is feeling physically or emotionally……not very often.   And when he does…only to me…his wife of 40 years.   And 40 good years, I might add.   When asked how he is feeling he almost always says “OK.”  I just cannot seem to accept the OK anymore since his stroke last march……I read something into every ailment…..every extra blink…..every little lag in the left leg moving slower than the walker or easing off the side of his scooter.   It takes a lot of time to learn how to live

with the secondary effects of a major stroke…….and I don’t mean the ones affecting the primary victim…..I am talking about me…..I am talking about learning how to live with monumental change in the person who is your best friend.



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